Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I went out recently with SEG's fisheries biologist/instructor Rena Vandenbos to prepare for RFW field lab. We when back to the same area up the Kootenay River north of Castlegar and set traps up Glade Creek. Here's Rena and our young assistant placing several of the traps.

Adriana tying in a submerged trap

Chief trap setter finishing one of the placements.

Here's what the trap looks like in situ.

On our way the last trap placement, Adrian spotted this locally rare bull trout. Got to love water resistant cell phones... I'm using a Samsung S5, and I've been pretty happy with the camera results. This is in a forest with low Fall evening light and me just holding the phone under and clicking - no post production.

The end result was for the lab was no bull trout caught in the traps, but lots of rainbow fry. Always pays to keep your eyes open for other information outside of your experimental design - makes for some great new questions to ask.

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