Thursday, August 21, 2014

Catch up!

Catch up.
Ok, one a year does not make a blog! So much happened over the last year at the College and the applied environmental field in the Kootenays, it's a bit over whelming to report out on, but there is lots of cool stuff that I've meant to share, so I'm going to take a few posts here to show off, mostly with images. Here we go...

Every fall instructors in our RFW program have to get ready for fall RFW field school. Part of these 10 days are spent working on measuring fish populations.
Rena and her young research assistant, Adriana, setting up minnow traps

In October last year, Doris Hauslietner and I took her IEP 260 class up on Cornice Ridge in Stageleap Provincial Park to do some vegetation monitoring with with the Parks staff, and to assess the whitebark pine population health in that area.

Unloading at top of the Salmo-Creston Pass

Students getting to more open vegetation on Cornice Ridge.

Doris and her students assessing blister rust damage on whitebark saplings in one of the vegetation plots.
Students setting up a plot and assessing vegetation cover using a line intercept method. 
Don't do this unless you work for Parks! Here's an old unexploded avalanche bomb. First one I've come across in many years of vegetation monitoring in that area. 
IEP class of 2013/14!

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