Friday, February 3, 2012

A New Year.

Feb 2012 - It's been a busy time since Field School last spring. Right now I'm a month in teaching a revitalized forest ecology - now terrestrial ecology and biology course. For the first couple of weeks students and I have been out on the college campus learning how to identify shrubs in winter,

measuring different tree plantations, and observing evidence of out-of-season wildlife wandering around in the warmer temperatures that we've experienced this January.

more recently, this class  moved up to the Nancy Greene Lake area, west of Castlegar, to examine forest structure and ways of measuring site productivity.

Folks have been busy staring through prisms, rapping DBH tapes around trees, estimating stand ages, and generally having fun! Students will find the hard part settling down in the computer lab to restle with data that has been collected over the next few weeks...

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