Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First post of the school year

Hard to believe it's mid October already! We've been in action here at the school of renewable resources for six weeks and it seems like a blur...

We've had the Renewable Resources School (RRS) orientation Olympics with our batch of first years mixing it up with the 2nd year gang

I've taken the IEP gang out to look at the Bird Ck wetland below Kootenay Canal where we've collected data on both native invasive plants species. This was a neat spot, one of the only wetlands bordering the Kootenay River in between Nelson and Castlegar. Sadly, there are some weed issues showing up here, as with many of the riparian areas along this stretch of the river.

Both the RFW and IEP folks have had a chance to collect forest structure information in a whitebark pine stand on Cornice Ridge above Kootenay Pass on Highway 3 - albeit in the first snow of the year! This data will be used in both programs for a term project looking at the conservation of whitebark pine in this region of British Columbia.

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